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QS 2-Point Sentry Sling
GTSL131, GTSL132QS 2-Point Sentry Sling
Sale price$59.00
Heavy Duty Push Button Swivel Set - GTSW288 - GrovTec
Tri-Base Buffer Tube Sling Mount - GTSW312



QS Trek Sling
1" Locking Swivel Set Black - GTSW01 - GrovTec


The Foundation

Robert Grover founded GrovTec US, Inc. in 2006. Bob had worked at his former company for nearly 20 years when his employer was acquired by a large conglomerate. The new management was shutting down the American manufacturing plants and sending their work overseas. After seeing what was to come of his life’s work, Bob took a leap of faith and sold his dream muscle car and used his life savings to buy majority of the remaining equipment.

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