Black Nitride 1.25" Heavy Duty Push Button Swivel - GTSW314

Black Nitride 1.25" Heavy Duty Push Button Swivel - GTSW314

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Black Nitride 1.25" Heavy Duty Push Button Swivel - (Single Pack)

• All steel construction
• Extremely durable finish
• Tension tested for heavy loads
• 1-1/4" Loop
• Single pack

Top of the line premium finish heavy duty push button swivel. Tension & tumble tested. Features an extra durable matte Black Nitride Finish.

Customer Reviews

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Outstanding durability + Made in USA = Win

I am hard on my rack-grade carbines in the field. Scratches + dings happen while running drills/exercises, and before I got Grovtec's heavy duty sling swivel button, I had twice had carbines hit the deck when, for whatever reason, the push button failed. So lesson learned: never put cheap Chinese crap on a hard-use gun.
Since my first Grovtec push button swivel, I've added several more to other rifles and I've got every expectation of being able to rely on these parts for a long, long time.

Nice, deep, dark nitriding is tough and even though one of the push button swivels routinely scrapes along gravel, blacktop, mud & dirt, rain & pond water, snow and every other type of weather over the last 4 years, the nitriding still looks beautiful and definitely is doing its job

Grovtec is local to me, too, I just learned. Glad to know that.