Non-Detachable Locking Swivel Sets

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There are times when you just want to go back to the way it was. You can do that now with our GT™ Non-Detachable Swivels. With our non-detachable swivels, you can give your rifle that "Old-school" look of a permanent swivel without ever compromising the strength and integrity needed to carry your classic long gun.

Black-Oxide Finish


Fore end mounts to magazine cap of most pump and auto-loading shotguns. Tubular mounting tool included. 7/8˝ rear wood screw swivel provides solid hold in buttstock.


Classically styled for Winchester 94, Marlin 36, Marlin 336 and others, this set features a one-piece band for tube magazines .640-.660˝ diameter. Includes 3/4˝ non-detachable woodscrew swivel rear.